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Architecture&Interior Project - Design and Decoration

Successful buildings or structures must have an identity and capture the spirit of their environment even while defending their identity. As HMT İnşaat, we build architectural structures that capture this spirit to reflect the vision of our customers and add value to their brands.

We offer consistently offer professional architectural services to our customers. In this context, our comprehensive architectural services include services such as concept and schematic design, design development, construction drawings preparation, production and point details drawing, exploration, preparation of quantities, preparation of tender documentation and implementation of architectural practice.

Mechanical Installation Project and Engineering

HMT İnşaat offers environmentally friendly application solutions which address customers’ needs and provide comfort to its customers in the best way possible by keeping mechanical installation design, implementation , consulting and control services, investment and operating costs at the optimum level.

We provide heating and cooling, plumbing, ventilation, fire installation, pool installation and other mechanical installation, preparation of mechanical installation projects, project calculations, creation of discoveries and specifications, preparation of tender documentation and turnkey projects services to our customers.

Project Management and Consultancy

Project management service is a process, within the period which the project is to be completed, from the stage of design to the delivery of the work. It covers the services provided for the implementation of the applications in accordance with the project to be completed without exceeding the foreseen budget and without compromising the specified quality.

Our consultancy services include technical consultancy, material and system selection, approval process and reporting, site and manufacturing supervision, project and site coordination meetings, provisional acceptance consultancy, final acceptance consultancy and so on.

Your Local Architecture, Mechanical And Construction Solution Partner in Istanbul / TURKEY

Your Local Architecture / Mechanical And Construction Solution Partner in Istanbul / TURKEY
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Our Process

  • Construction & Delivery
  • Meet & Greet
  • Design & Preparation
  • Idea & Concept

The implementation phase of a project whose design process is completed requires experience, expertise, professionalism and systematic work. We carry out the projects that we design and the projects whose design were completed in the sector as turnkey applications. Our architects and engineers who foresee the possible problems in the preparation stage of a project undertake the selection of the work plan for the project from the implementation of the material to the selection and approval of the application process, from the work schedule planning of the implementation process to the direct management of the implementation stage and the delivery process.

Customer satisfaction, in a few words, is addressing the needs of the customer and the satisfaction rate after meeting the customer’s request. We pay attention to what our customers are saying and prioritize to determine their needs.

Inherently, design is an innovative process and a lot of decisions should be made during its progress. In the development and decision-making processes, all kinds of visual, literary and audio communication are carried out intensively. The initialization and maintenance of an engineering design is ensured by the effective use of these communication methods of different disciplines and by our coordinated work. Mainly conducted studies are research, design-analysis, development, prototype production and quality tests.

We can transform your living environment into the most eye-catching and attractive places. After solution-oriented research, the first stage of design starts to emerge with the introduction of draft ideas. We prefer to come up with different options and take one’s choice rather than producing a single design option.



Since 2007 HMT İnşaat has been assisting its clients in the fields of innovative architectural concept, project design, architectural project preparation, implementation of architectural practice and consulting and supervision of implementations. Within this period, HMT İnşaat has been offering ``Architectural Services`` which include architectural design, architectural project, implementation of architectural practice, architectural project management, architectural consultancy, architectural supervision services in the production of architectural structures such as house, villa, mansion, residential, office, hospital, social facility, mixed-use building, restaurant, café, bar, driving track, industrial and commercial buildings in various scales.


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